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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On the Frontier Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea

Cowboy style was always a lure for boys, but the American Girl doll phenomenon has popularized frontier lore for girls, too.

On the Frontier Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea
Jennifer Krough
Bandanna-print rugs and retro cowboy
memorabilia give this room a look
that’s warm and fun. Manufacturer:
The Warm Biscuit Bedding Co.

Today, both boys and girls can find themselves in rustic, easy-to-live-with frontier style, and, if you enjoy country style or collect Americana, it's easy to bring the look to kids' spaces.

Many Shaker- and Early American-style furnishings are perfect for children's rooms because these designs are so simple and practical. For example, wall racks with pegs for clothing were frontier fixtures, and they're much easier for kids to use than hangers in closets.

Contoured wood ­chairs are sturdy and comfortable, quilts are colorful and washable, and frontier-style heirlooms are already weathered and faded. And if you find yourself stuck for a color scheme, all-American red, white, and blue is a natural.

Practicality is a hallmark of modern design, too, as demonstrated in the decorating idea on the next page.

Bright Ideas
On the Frontier Kids' Bedroom Decorating Idea
Virtually any object can be made into a lamp. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a lamp kit at a hardware or home supply store. This kit will include electrical wiring, foundation supports, and a harp for holding a lamp shade.

Begin by finding a base to match your decor. Clay pots, glass hurricane shades filled with buttons or shells, tightly woven baskets, pottery, and wooden items all work well. If the item is not hollow, drill a hole wide enough for electrical wiring to thread through. Assemble the lamp parts as indicated in the diagram, beginning at the base of the lamp and working up to the socket. Top with a coordinating shade, and voila! You have an instant conversation piece.

Source : HowStufWork

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