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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tropical returning to nature!

Tropical returning to nature!

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The Tropics have always represented a sense of the exotic to most of us. It is perhaps this desire for the exotic that has translated itself to forming one of the most sought after designs in the world of home d?cor. Today as more and more people are opting for the tropical style of home interior decorating, a thorough study into the intricacies of the style would be a welcome breather. As you embark on this journey to the land of the exotic, be ready for lots of sunlight, bright colors and a whole new definition of life for your homes. Make the room as ornamental as you want it to be as no other style of home interior decorating will allow you as much scope of variation and experimentation as the tropical style will allow you to. Stress on openness with a number of windows and doors opening out to accentuate the breeziness flowing around the room can help to create the ambience of a tropical paradise.Let the natural sunlight flow in as this will enhance both the lighting of the room as well as increase the feel of good living that this style of home interior decorating emphasizes. Fresh and lively, this theme of home interior decorating is all about being natural. Experiment with colors as bright colors gel with the interiors of the rooms decorated in this theme of home d?cor. If you are using wallpapers, you can have a greater range of options to choose from as a number of patterns go well with the look of tropical home d?cor. Thus, be bold and express yourself with patters like pineapples and palm trees, patterns that you would definitely think twice about while using other styles. Wood is the order of the day and the spirit of innovativeness continues with the furniture as well. If expenses are not an issue, you could opt for heavy furniture made from exotic wood like Teak, Rosewood and Koa.If you prefer your furniture to be lighter choose from lighter variations of natural wood like Cane, Sea Grass, Water Hyacinth, Banana Leaf and Rattan, which can be adapted to construct furniture ranging from chairs, sofas, tables and even beds. An important point to keep in mind is that though the style offers enough room for experimentation, it is best to keep the style to a moderate level. This is essential as otherwise the end result could well turn out to resemble a jungle more than a living space! Keep the furniture comfortable, as it is important to keep in mind that a basic function of a house, room or any living space is to provide comfort and cheer to its inmates. Experiment with colors. For a soft muted look one could choose a neutral color shade for the walls and contrast it with bold patterned upholstery. For a really tropical look one could throw in a few faux animal prints!

Source : SymphonyHomeDecorating

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